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  • Softwareupdate RNS-310
  • Softwareupdate RNS-310

Softwareupdate RNS-310

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  • Softwareupdate RNS-310
  • Softwareupdate RNS-310
  • N15797
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Order together with a FISCON Handsfree?

Yes (-20,00 EUR)

With a software level below 0351, the RNS-310 is not capable to show the menus for the Bluetooth handsfree operation and it does not show 3D maps and speed limits.

We update your radio to the suitable software level. A local VW dealer normally canīt do this kind of update.

Advantages of the Update:

  • Shows the phone section menus at the touchscreen after pressing the TEL button.
  • Phonebook with name and numbers
  • Calling lists for dialled numbers, missed calls, accepted calls
  • 10-key buttons to dial numbers
  • 3D view of the navigation map optional to the familiar 2D maps
  • Shows traffic signs for speed limits, depending on the maps version, minimum V2 required

The firmareupdate allows the possibility of using the touchscreen operations for telephone. In addition a handsfree must be installed in the car, either a VW Premium handsfree or a FISCON Plus handsfree. The update does not enable a not existing Bluetooth handsfree.

To update your Radio we need to get shipped your radio, the radio code and the SD-Card with the maps. If required, you can request the radio code at your local VW dealer.

FISCON Bundle Deal:
Order the Update together with a FISCON Plus Handsfree at our website and get 20Ī off.

Touchscreen Displays

Phone Menu

Dial a phone number